Maine Bowhunters

The Maine Bowhunters Association is the only statewide bowhunting organization that does this for YOU!

  • Protects and promotes bowhunting in Maine through legislation, education and conservation.
  • Protects against anti-hunting movements in your community.
  • Provides for formation of local chapters to keep you informed.
  • Provides with your membership; the MBA Newsletter, a subscription to Bowhunting World, window decals and membership card.
  • Presents special big game awards at our annual banquet.
  • Offers special landowner appreciation certificates and Christmas cards.
  • Has brought bowhunting to the forefront as a unique game management tool, in areas of high density deer and human population.
  • Provides information & Education to create better sportsman and bowhunters.
  • Provides representation at all major sportsman's shows.
  • Setting a new standard of sportsman working in cooperation with Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.


    Just a proud family of bowhunters who want bowhunting around forever. Dedicated volunteers who want to see a bow in their children and grandchildren's hands.


  • Mandated a full 30 day archery season.
  • Helped establish an expanded season bowhunt and expanded hunting opportunities statewide.
  • Mandated education for first time bowhunters.
  • Defeated legislation requiring bowhunters to wear blaze orange.
  • Presented legislation exempting bows from local discharge ordinances.
  • Established a first landowner recognition program.
  • Published our own Deer Management/Bowhunting Solutions pamphlet with Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife endorsement..
  • Helped rewrite & clarify bowhunting regulations to prevent flawed legislation from being passed.

  • Sportsman's Congress
  • Sportsman's/Forest Landowners alliance
  • Fish & Wildlife Legislative Committee
  • Fur-Fin-Feather Day at the Capitol Building
  • S.A.M. Deer task force
  • All major sportsman shows
  • Speak at bowhunting clubs & groups statewide
  • TV & Radio coverage
  • Actively support bowhunter education
  • Attend Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Board
  • Bowhunter/Landowners Information Program (B.L.I.P.)

  • An advanced bowhunter course in hunter/landowner relations and bowhunting ethics.
  • The future of bowhunting is on our shoulders.

    Lets get unified!

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