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New 3D Shoots

There are two new 3D Shoots happening this summer, one in Hope Maine (Beaver Lodge) and the other in Sanbornville New Hampshire (Profile Bowman). For date and time information, check out the 3D Shoot tab. For additional information contact Sarah Burnside (912-492-5226) for the Beaver Lodge shoot and/or Andy Park (207-651-8521) for the Profile Bowman shoots.

MBA Summer 2015 Newsletter

The following link will display the Summer 2015 issue of the MBA newsletter click here.


The indoor target archery season is winding down, but now is not the time to put away your bow. Now is the time to enjoy what Outdoor Field Archery has to offer! Field Archery is fun, relaxing, and challenging. Join us at Lakeside Archery on May 31st and July 12th to learn more about Field Archery and enjoy one of the best courses in the Eastern U.S. Experienced and novice field archers will have an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in the Optional Knockout Pool. The cost of this event is only $10 (Optional Knockout Pool is an added $10 with 100% payback). Lunch cooked over the grill and refreshments will be available for a small fee. The fun will begin at 9:00 am and continue through 4:00 pm (registration for Optional Knockout Pool ends at Noon).

New to Field Archery?

Experienced volunteers will be on hand to help you with general equipment setup, to answer questions, and to go around the course with you to offer guidance and tips. Take advantage of this great learning opportunity! Practicing and participating in Outdoor Field Archery is one of the best ways to hone your skills and to become a better indoor or 3D archer.

  • Field Archery is conducted and scored similar to Indoor 20 yd/18m NFAA and Vegas rounds, but adds a lot of variety.
  • Similar to indoor archery, multiple arrows are shot per end (4 arrows at each target station), and all arrows are scored.
  • A full round consists of 28 target stations shot from distances ranging from 20 feet to 80 yards. All distances are marked at the shooting location, so there is no guessing.
  • Target faces vary in size depending on the distance being shot. In general, Field and Hunter spot rounds are shot on target faces that vary from 20 cm with the bulls-eye being about the size of a quarter to 65 cm with a bulls-eye about the size of a softball.
  • Additional variety is added through the selection of multiple types of scoring rounds (Field, Hunter, or Animal).
  • Field Archery is conducted in a relaxed environment. Targets are placed adjacent the wooded course trail.
  • Small shooting groups usually consist of 3 to 5 archers navigate the course at their own pace.
  • The pace of play moves quickly. There is no need to glass targets or estimate distances and all archers in a group can shoot simultaneously.
  • Field Archery is challenging. Distances and target sizes vary at each station, and the element of terrain and Mother Nature adds a new wrinkle to making good shots. Making consistent shots is as always about good form and shot execution!

Optional Knockout Pool

Participation in the knockout pool is completely optional, and for the ranking round groups will contain participating and non-participating archers. Archers may shoot any legal NFAA style, and all participating archers will compete against each other for rankings (there are no separate divisions or classes for this event).

  • Rankings will be established based on the archers half-round score (14 targets).
  • Rankings will be grouped into 3 flights (Top or 1st, 2nd or middle, and 3rd). Knockout round shooting groups will be by rank order, 1,2,3,4 and 5,6,7,8, etc.
  • For the knockout round, beginning station will be picked through a random draw for each Group.
  • One individual from each Group will be knocked-out per end (station) based on lowest score for the Group, counting Xs if needed. All low finish ties will move on to the next station.
  • If needed, due to the number of archers participating, additional knockout rounds will be conducted for the remaining archers from each group.
  • Top finishers from each Flight will receive a portion of payback. Flight #1 = 50%, Flight #2 = 35% & Flight #3 = 15%. Top archers from each flight will have to earn their winnings, and archers at all levels have a reasonable chance of sharing in the payback.

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