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Bowhunters/Landowners Information Program

Because of the importance of landowner trust and cooperation the Maine Bowhunters Association has created a new bowhunter program called Bowhunters/Landowners Information Program or BLIP. The qualifying rules were established to allow the selection of ethical hunters who understand the importance of relations with landowners, other hunting groups and the concerns of the non-hunting community. This program, if successful, may open many doors to posted land as well as allowing advanced bowhunters the opportunity to hunt areas where landowners are very concerned about over hunting in that area. After completion of all the criteria listed below are met, you will be allowed to take the next available BLIP course to become an MBA Advanced Bowhunter.

A) You must have successfully completed state mandatory bowhunter safety course prior to taking the BLIP Class. This cannot be grandfathered or waivered.

B) You must have tagged two deer in Maine, with a bow, in the past five years.

C) You must have never been convicted of an felony.

D) You must not have had a revocation of any license issued by DIF&W in the past 10 years. This includes Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Guides etc.

E) Any license revocation after completion of course will mean immediate removal from preferred list.

F) Any landowner complaint about an advanced bowhunter will be researched and after discussions with both parties by an MBA officer or board of director, may result in removal from advanced list.

G) You will be expected to remove any trash, within reason, you may encounter on your hunt.

H) When signing your member card, you will be agreeing to report any landowner violation you witness to the landowner or DIF&W. Violations include illegal hunting of any kind, illegal treestands, littering and of course property damage.

I) Any BLIP deprivation hunts organized by the MBA and MDIF&W will require a one year minimum BLIP membership, before entry into the lottery, and a required proficiency test to participate.

J) You will be expected to meet with each landowner at least once, to get instructions from him or her on their expectations from you. You shall be prepared to give them a copy of various landowner pamphlets as well as our deer management pamphlet.

K) If selected for a special hunt through the BLIP program you must notify an MBA director or officer. This will allow us to monitor the success of our program.

L) You will provide the landowner with a permission slip to be filled out. You will also make him/her aware of your phone number, license plate number and model vehicle you drive.

M) You must be 18 years or older.

N) Instructors must be IBEP certified plus meet the requirements above.

These rules were established to make you the best bowhunter you can be. The importance of this program cannot be stressed enough. Posted land is our worst nightmare. If we can prove to all parties concerned that we care and will police our own sport doors will open statewide. This first of its kind program should improve access to lands once considered impossible to attain. It will take a little time, which all good things do, but this could be an achievable landmark for the bowhunters willing to pursue it. This program is a cooperative effort of the Maine Bowhunters Association and Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Landowner Relations Program.

Benefits and advantages:

A) A member card will be presented to you as proof of completion, as well as MBA backing should the landowner have any questions.

B) Landowner permission cards will also be available from the MBA and IF&W Landowner Relations Program should you require them.

C) Non-members will be given a complimentary MBA membership upon course completion for the first year. Sustaining that membership will automatically renew your advanced bowhunter status. Should you fail to renew your MBA membership you must re-take the course to remain on advanced list. This step is necessary for the MBA to monitor the members from year to year. Issuing a permanent card would be impossible to control.

D) Your membership entitles you to all benefits of an MBA membership. Such as a yearly subscription to Northwoods Sporting Journal, MBA newsletter, access to all MBA printings, access to MBA store items, eligibility for big game awards each year, etc.

E) More importantly than perhaps all of the above is the fact that you will be looked on by the entire state as a quality, ethical, safe and exceptional representative of the bowhunting community.


A) Current MBA members will be charged $10.00

B) Non-members will be charged $35.00 and receive a complimentary MBA membership for one year.

C) These charges will cover printing, supplies and instructor travel.


The department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Landowner Relations Program and the MBA will decide content of course material. The course will be approximately 3 hours in length, covering topic like landowner relations, urban hunting, ethics, morals and problems you may incur when afield. This program can be discontinued at any time by the DIF&W or the MBA. The prices for the course may also be subject to change without notice.

For more information email, call or write;

Julie Johnston, (207)731-7070

The Maine Bowhunters Association
P.O. Box 5026
Augusta, Me. 04330

To print out a blip application click here.

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