Sportsman Against Hunger

No Cost To Taxpayers
Individual Hunters can donate a few pounds of their harvest at autorized Meat Processors. SCI pays for processing whole deer/moose donations. Administrative costs are covered by SCI, also.

Healthy, First Quality Meat
When a Hunter picks up processed game to take home, the autorized Meat Processor will ask for a donation of game for a pre-arranged local charity. The charity picks up the meat form the Meat Processor.

Organic - Free Range
No steroids, antibiotics, added chemicals or growth hormones. Low fat, low cholesterol.

4,500+ lbs. collected & distributed in MAINE in 2004
Over 30,000 lbs. total in 10 years in Maine. National program has provided millions of meals.

Simple and it WORKS!

Arundel - Gil LaFlamme & Sons 282-1027 (shop) or 282-3465 (Bobby)
Albion - Jasonís 437-2490
Ashland - Windham Butcher Shop (Moose Season only) 892-4203
Belgrade - Joe Doucette, 465-7231
Bowdoin - Butcher Boys Deer Cutting 353-5660
Detroit - Brousseau's Family Meats 487-6949
Dover Foxcroft - Herring Brothers 876-2631
Harpswell - Vince & Dawn Thibeault 725-8952
Hermon - Norm Clough 848-3897
Livermore - R&B Meats 897-3371
Minot - Trophies Unlimited 966-3713
N. Anson - Luce's Maine Crown Meats 635-2817
N. Monmouth - K&K Cutting 933-4860
Oakland - Bill's Custom Cutting 465-9551
Waldoboro - Moon's Meat Cutting 832-4074
West Gardiner - Weston's Meat Cutting 724-2027
Winslow - Boucher Custom Cutting 873-3671
Winslow - Rocky (Joe) Gravel 872-2958
Wytopitlock - D&R Meat Cutting 456-7172

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