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October 23, 2002

Successful program expands to help more food banks,
soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

Sportsmen Against Hunger network in Maine increases in number of authorized
collection points and enthusiasm.

Many Maine communities have benefited from sportsmen and women who
are willing to donate some of their deer or moose meat to charity. As more
pressure is placed on the charities, they in turn become even more
enthusiastic about receiving game as a source of high quality protein.
Through the network individual hunters have the opportunity to share a few
pounds or more of their meat. Pound by pound, MAINE hunters donated over
8,000 lbs. of game last year alone and about the same the year before. The
concept is that the game goes to benefit the community were it was harvested
and distributed to the needy at no cost to the taxpayer.

Charities are eager to receive the meat. It is an excellent source of
high quality protein: low fat, low cholesterol, no steroids, no antibiotics,
etc. The game is clearly identified and is a popular item in food banks.
There is a list of charities waiting to be paired with sources. Meat cutters
and sporting groups like Rod & Gun Clubs volunteer to be collection points.
The hunters/customers of the participating meat processors (see list
attached) are able to simply donate some of their game when they have it cut
and wrapped. The meat processors have posters, transportation bags, brochures
and other promotional materials to make them easily identifiable as part of
the authorized network.

All printing expenses and the cost to coordinate the project are paid by
the Maine Chapter of Safari Club International. Per chapter member April
Metevier of Portland, ďAs I confirm contact names and send out supplies, I am
asked to send larger volumes of promo materials. The meat processorsí
enthusiasm is wonderful and I am sure it will carry over to their customers -
the successful hunters.Ē

From the moose season and bow hunters, early collections have already
brought in over 600 lbs. of game. The extended bow hunting season and
additional permits are other reasons to anticipate more donations this year.
The Maine Bowhunters Association is a strong supporter of the Sportsmen
Against Hunger.

The Sportsmen Against Hunger program is recognized by Maine Dept. of
Agricultureís Hunger Relief program and the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries
Wildlife. The project has been operating in Maine for ten years on a small
scale but the
outstanding success of the last few years has brought it national recognition
among sporting groups. Nationally celebrating its thirteenth year, Sportsmen
Against Hunger is one of the humanitarian projects of Safari Club
International Foundation. On a national scale the Sportsmen Against Hunger
program has been recognized and endorsed by the World Wildlife Federation and
The Salvation Army.

Hunting is part of the outdoor heritage of Maine and is utilized as part of
game management. Game can be harvested sensibly as a renewable resource like
blueberries, or hardwood and softwood. By hunters sharing their bounty with
charities, it benefits those in need with no burden of tax dollars.

Authorized Meat Processors in Maine


(Note: * indicates new this year)

Arundel - GIL LAFLAMME & SONS.....282-1027

Ashland - LOST COYOTE GUIDE SERVICE.....435-3040

Bowdoin - BUTCHER BOYS DEER CUTTING.....353-5660

Cambridge - BJíS SLAUGHTER HOUSE.....277-3277

Detroit - BROUSSEAUíS FAMILY MEATS.....487-6949

Dixmont - PINE RIDGE TAXIDERMY.....234-7227

Harpswell - VINCE THIBEAULT.....725-8952

*Hermon - NORM CLOUGH.....848-3897

*Levant - RICHARD BEMIS.....884-8565

Livermore - R & B MEATS.....897-3371


New Gloucester - STEVE MATHEWS.....926-4411

No. Monmouth - K & K CUTTING.....933-4860

Skowhegan - HOZIEíS MEAT CUTTING.....474-3923

*Strong - STEVE BOYD.....684-3592

Waldoboro - RON MOON.....832-4074

West Bath - TONYíS MEAT MARKET.....442-9606

West Gardiner - WESTONíS MEAT CUTTING.....724-2027

Winslow - BOUCHER CUSTOM CUTTING.....873-3671

Winslow - JOE (ROCKY) GRAVEL.....872-2958

Wyntopitlock - D & R MEAT CUTTING.....456-7172

For more information, contact:
Sandra Hosmer, Coordinator

Sportsmen Against Hunger

Safari Club International - Maine Chapter

1012 Hallowell Road, Durham, ME 04222

(207) 353-6547

e-mail: tgiVenison@aol.com

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